Pro Gay Wrestling
Dec. 06.

Pro Gay Wrestling PGW


The PGW was originally conceived by entrepreneur and avid heterosexual, Francis Minks, while on holiday with his lovely heterosexual wife of 32 years, industrial heiress and socialite, Lolly Minks.

Noted as ‘the perfect couple’ by their peers, Francis’ inspiration for an ALL-GAY PRO WRESTLING FEDERATION blossomed on a romantic second honeymoon cruise with his wife, Lolly. Not realizing there had been a mistake in the reservations booking, Francis and Lolly found themselves vacationing in the Mediterranean on an all-gay male cruise ship! Exactly how this mix-up occurred remains a mystery.

As Francis and Lolly were taking in the sights of Athens and Rome and on the Poop Deck, an intriguing thought crossed Francis Minks’ mind. “What if there was a wrestling federation where all the men were gay? You could approach any of them and they wouldn’t get mad at you for saying- Hey! You look hot in those pink tights, fella! The man on man action would be amazing! Plus- Hot gay men should have the same rights and be able to do the same things as straight men!” A longtime advocate of gay rights, Lolly Minks quickly accepted the idea, saying “Everyone should have the opportunity to do whatever the hell they want!” With Lolly Minks’ deep pockets and Francis Minks’ ingenuity, a new wrestling federation was born! PREMIERE GAY WRESTLING!

Now a successful, young and vibrant federation, the PGW is exploding with hot, fresh, new talent! The finest, most courageous and diverse gay wrestlers from around the globe compete to make up PGW’s impressive and sexy talent roster- all hungry and striving to become the face of the PGW and its next bold and brave Champion!

Check out our wrestlers. They love the attention. Here at the PGW, we’re always in the process of updating and adding new items and talent so keep checking back with us for updates on airings and show dates. You don’t have to be gay to check us out but…

Remember, you’ve gotta be gay if you wanna play in the PGW!

“I like to see passionate men doing
passionate things.” PGW Founder and CEO, Francis Minks

“Naked men with muscular physiques
grabbing each other inspires me. It’s like art!” Francis Minks

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